Explore the PSMS software features that can help you stay organized, AND PRODUCTIVE.


Quickly access all of your projects, safety reports and analytics. Stay organized, updated, and productive.

Visualize Key Performance Indicators and other strategic data for your projects at a glance. Project dashboards present information that track tasks, KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to your projects.

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Project Dashboard Features

plan & schedule

Easily schedule tasks, observations and inspections. Stay on top of your tasks with List views.

Planning and scheduling are important for your projects. A solid plan and schedule help keep costs down, avoid safety issues and allows you to operate on time and within budget.

SiteSafetyPlan.com allows you to prioritize your work, execute on your safety plan and is key to an incident-free job site. Get more done in less time, produce quality work and keep all stakeholders informed.

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Project Planning & Scheduling


Identify trends associated with at-risk behaviors in the workplace to prevent incidents or injuries.

SiteSafetyPlan.com allows safety managers to create and assign Behavior Observations to audit task activity. This allows project managers and safety managers to focus on safe behaviors, deliverables, and aid in completing projects on-time, on-budget, accident & injury free.

With SiteSafetyPlan.com's powerful real-time reporting and analytical tools, it's easy to identify trends and help predict and prevent incidents or injuries.

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Inspections Dashboard


Create custom inspection report forms, submit from any mobile device,  identify issues in real-time.

From a safety perspective, workplace inspections help prevent incidents, injuries, and illnesses. Operationally, inspections fulfill regulatory requirements, keep everybody on the same page, and jobsite issues in check. workplace inspections are a key part of your projects, and SiteSafetyPlan.com has the tools you need to report and track your inspections.

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Safety Dashboard

file management

Easily access and search all files uploaded to your projects. Upload files and access from any device.

SiteSafetyPlan.com's file management system helps you save time and work more efficiently. With SiteSafetyPlan.com's file management system all your project related files and documents are neatly organized and readily accessible from anywhere on any internet connected device.

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File Manager

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